Welcome to POZ Ltd

POZ is a bespoke software development company made up of experienced business software developers. We're a small team with extensive experience of projects from the small up to enterprise-wide applications. We're constantly seeking out innovative technology and take part in various training courses whenever possible to ensure that our skills are fresh and relevant. We're based in the Isle of Man with easy access the United Kingdom and many other cities in Europe. Our directors are all software engineers with many years' experience.


POZ specialise in producing software for Microsoft Windows. However we're platform neutral so we will always help to identify the most effective solution depending on which device or operating system you use. We won't hide behind jargon and buzzwords, we want you to understand what you're getting. We can develop software and associated support documentation which is easy to maintain and directed towards your specific needs. Alternatively if you have a project where you need extra software engineers but don't want to take on the cost and risk of adding to your existing full-time team then consider hiring POZ for your short-term needs.


Got an idea for a software project? We can help you find the best way to implement your vision. Simply contact us. We do not charge for this consultation and there are no obligations.